Health is not just the absence of disease, it is a state of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Fundamental to everything we do, health enables us to engage with life.


The cultivation of healthy nation starts with us and the choices we make every day. The design of our communities, the quality to our air and water, and the cleanliness of our environment all affect our health. We should start to think of health as the “new green” in terms of scale and impact. People buy organic products because they are healthier. Green Buildings are better for the environment and hence ourselves. The health of Indian people, which is critical to our nation’s economic and competitive future, should be treated as a sustainable resource. A sustainable resource which should be developed and protected!

While we all have a personal responsibility to care for our own health, creating a culture of health and wellbeing in India will require engaged leadership from all sectors of society and this gave birth to our new platform “Tandurust Bharat Foundation” where our goal is to protect the five elements of nature which is water, air, earth, fire and environment in order to create a healthy nation!

Journey of making Bharat Tandarust !

We also set up Community Water Plant on Sustainable basis wherein we engage local SHG to run the plant as a social business enterprise by selling water at a subsidized rate thereby generating a respectable source of livelihood for themselves and also providing clean water to the communities. So far, we have set-up around 316 community water plants which are impacting lives of about 7,50,000 people. Apart from that, we have also deployed around 4,000 products in rural schools touching the lives of about 12,00,000 children across India.

We envisage “Tandurust Bharat Foundation” as a platform to carry out many such innovative programs by bringing in like-minded individuals/Corporates/Government/ NGOS/Other Institutions on board to create a “Healthy” India. This foundation will act as a social catalyst and will bring about change by combining the synergies of all key stake holders in terms of support, manpower, R&D, innovation, finance and adoption for a greater impact!


With tandarust Bharat goal in mind, we have started our first national movement named “JAL DAAN” for providing clean and safe drinking water to each and every Indian. Through this initiative, we are taking care of the most important aspects of water which we call it as 4 A’s (Awareness, Accessibility, Availability and Affordability). We are installing community water plants in schools, colleges, hospitals, public places, railways where there is no access to clean and safe drinking water primarily spread across rural villages and urban slums.

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